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Fuel Conditioner & Emulsifier for Maritime

Complies with all fuel standards to create the following advantages:

  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Lloyd’s Register: Fuels remain within specifications while using SulNOx.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Reduces CO2 and contaminant load.
  • Contains lubricity improvers for reduced engine wear.
  • Releases Oxygen to help fuels burn more efficiently and completely.

Decarbonization in Action



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Regulations we are addressing:

Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI/EEXI)

Carbon Intensity Index (CII)


  • More than 54,000 ships bring 70% of the world’s goods to markets around the world.
  • Ships consume over 5 million barrels of fuel per day. The GHG (Green House Gases) from all this fuel is 3% of total manmade CO2 emissions, because 22.2 pounds of CO2 is emitted per gallon of fuel consumed.
  • The new low sulfur fuel is producing an unexpected amount of black carbon. Our custom Conditioner reduces black carbon production.
  • Fuel is the largest expense for ships. Use of the new VLSFO fuel is resulting in significantly higher prices of consumer goods.

Our proven Conditioner helps in four ways

  • Donates Oxygen to improve combustion, consumption thus reducing the amount of CO2 emissions
  • Adds detergency, helping decarbonize and reduce operating costs for the ships to directly benefit consumers.
  • Adds lubricants, the loss of which causes engine wear with use of the new, expensive, very low sulfur fuel oil (VLSFO).
  • Adds Emusifiers to help deal with any free water that finds its way into the fuel.

🌎 Worldwide dynamics have a major impact

  • The effect of the United Nations, IMO 2020 mandate that started January 1, 2020.
  • Public awareness of climate change and an increasing concern for the environment.
  • The need to protect Shipping Companies and help them comply with the IMO 2020 mandate.

Improved Engine Health -> Reduced Maintenance Costs

Improved Engine Performance & Health

  • Detergents and surfactants increase fuel lubricity by +30%, reducing engine wear
  • Decarbonisation of pistons and O-rings
  • Reduced fouling of ignition, diesel filters and fuelling components
  • Typically an additional 2% savings on top

Injector Nozzles Pre and Post SulNOx

Untreated Piston
Treated Piston
With SulNOx
Untreated Piston
Treated Piston
With SulNOx