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ADF Catalyst for Trucking

Transportation fleets need to comply with rigorous government regulations to reduce emissions that impact our climate. The greatest challenge that your organization will face is to manage the impact that most solutions will have on operation costs.

Your competitive advantage at this time will be how you manage customer relationships and their pricing volatility. What if you could actually hold or modestly reduce your prices while your competitors are asking for price increases?

What is the impact on your total cost of ownership in cents/mile, reliability, freight ton efficiency, and engine durability? How will your implementation of low emission solutions impact these measures?

Fuel BTU’s are contained in the fuel molecules

  Solution: SE’s ADF Catalyst forms a coating over the fuel molecule that increases the effectiveness of the fuel

  SE’s ADF Catalyst improves performance...

Increases BTU
utilization from...


Increases fuel
efficiency from...


Reduces NOx & CO2
emissions up to...


Reduces Particulate Matter
up to...


These details are reflected in the Millions of dollars of independent third party testing that has been completed and proven in the greater than 5 Billion gallons of fuel which has been treated with the SE ADF Catalyst.

Result of the Caterpillar 1-K Test* (Piston)


Untreated Piston

Treated with ADF Catalyst

Treated Piston


  • Reduces Piston blow up
  • Reduces wear and tear
  • Reduces maintenance cost
  • Keeps trucks on the road and operating
  • Extend Engine life

*Caterpillar 1-K parameters: 252 hours, 2100 RPM, .4% Diesel Fuel